Pre-Workout Supplements – Simple is Better

I love how Eric Cressey pretty much sums up the use of pre-workout supplements:

Don’t attempt to use pre-workout supplements for a general lack of effort…Do what it takes to make that happen: outwork everyone, take care of your body, and seek out a motivating environment with like-minded people. -Eric Cressey

If you are taking workout supplements of any kind, have you ever wondered what is inside the powder you’re ingesting? or actually have looked at the nutrition labels?  Nine times out of ten you would be surprised what your taking.  I know most of the athletic and health-crazed population stays far away from high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners like SPLENDA® or Sweet’n Low.  I can probably bet with confidence that your protein powder and/or pre-workout juice has one or more of the above listed ingredients.  Not really healthy in my opinion.

If you’re taking pre-workout supplements to help “hype” yourself up, here’s my two cents.  What are exactly are you paying for when you make a purchase of your favorite supplement?  Is it the sugar rush?  You might as well buy a two liter bottle of soda.  The caffeine?  You’re better off drinking coffee, it’s a whole lot cheaper and healthier (depending how you take your coffee).

This brings me to my next point, if you’re taking said supplements to “wake” you up for the workouts at 5-6 AM. I would again suggest drinking coffee instead.  If that doesn’t work out too well, I would highly suggest sleeping earlier.

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people complain that they can’t get results from exercise in the morning without realizing that they’re still going to be far too late at night. – Eric Cressey

Put it simply, going to sleep late and expecting to wake up early for your morning workouts is really productive or efficient. Eight hours of solid sleep is pretty standard, no more or less. It is just like charging your smartphone halfway and expecting it to last the whole day while texting, tweeting or watching videos. It just ain’t going to happen.  The same can be said about your body; you need your rest to be at your best.

Quick Summary

  • Most pre-workout supplements are a waste of money and full of junk your body does not need.
  • If you need to “wake” up, go to bed earlier and drink a nice cup of coffee in the morning
  • Hard work and determination gets results, not powder in a can

What do you think? I’m not expert in anything, these are just my opinions.  I’m open to questions, comments and concerns as long as they are productive and constructive.


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questions, comments, concerns?

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