Random training thoughts to help you get the most out of your workout.

So last night I couldn’t really get a great night’s sleep as I had a whole bunch of ideas on what to write for my next blog just stick into my mind.  I don’t think there’s a universal theme, so I decidedly made this post a random thought one.

So here’s so random training tips and thoughts that I decided to mash together next time you hit the gym.

Disconnect from Technology 


This one is a helpful tip in my opinion.  It’s surprising how many people walk out of the locker room and still are attached to their beloved electronics.  If you are one of those people who checks their Facebook pages and tweets in between sets and exercises, time yourself on how much time you really take between them.  It may not feel like a long time right in the heat of the moment, but one, two or three minutes is just way too long.  This leads to unproductive workouts and just a waste of everyone’s time.  Not only that, you’re distracted thinking about when your BFF is going to text you back.  It’s all or nothing; either concentrate on your technique or don’t come at all.  If your mind is all over the place, this is just a recipe for injury to either yourself or others. SNAP CITY!

Leave your electronics in the locker room away from where you have access to it.

This leads me into me second thought…

Don’t artificially motivate yourself


I love Gatorade’s slogan, “Win from within.”

I’m not only talking about pre-workout supplements, which my thoughts are posted in my first blog post here, but also listening to your Ipod while working out.  Now you might be thinking to yourself, why would you say such preposterous things?  Well, good question.  I am a strength and conditioning specialist working with mainly athletes and not the general population (those are for the CPTs).  That being said, most of the training is based on the practicality of exercise and how it can translate into the athlete’s sport.  I’m huge on function and practicality. If you’re going to motivate yourself with music in the gym or on your run, how are you going to motivate yourself when your on the playing field?  Nine times out of ten your not going to be having them in your ear while playing.  Now your at a disadvantage because you never taught yourself how to mentally prepare.  You don’t see players go, “Hey ref/blue/ump/coach.  Time-out.  Let me get my headphones and Ipod from the bench so I can play better.”  Train like the real thing. Emulate game environments.

Make the most out of your time

Piggybacking from my first thought, don’t get yourself distracted when training.  Those times checking your cellphone or selecting the next track on your Ipod can be put to better use.  First off, keep track of the time between sets and exercises.  I suggest using 30-45s rest between sets of isolation (single joint) exercises and 1-2 minute rest between compound (multi-joint) exercises. Now, those 30s – 2 min rest periods don’t have to be there sitting on the bench and watching the clock.  If you’re up to the challenge, “actively rest”.  You can superset with another exercise, either using the same or antagonist muscle group.  For example, if your first set was dumbell curls you can superset with hammer curls (same muscle group) or triceps pull-downs (antagonist).  This way you can accomplish more in less amount of time than if you were just fooling around on your cell phone.

Now, onto the last thought.  This might rub people the wrong way, but don’t take it as offensive.

Running is FREE!

If you’re one of those people whose New Year’s resolution was to get in shape, then you probably signed up at a gym.  That’s great!  Remember, no matter how slow you’re going, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.  That being said, if all you’re doing is running on the treadmill, you might as well give me the money you’re paying for the gym’s membership fee.  Running is free! That’s right, zilch, nothing, nada.  Why on earth would you pay just to run on a treadmill inside when you can run outside and experience nature and fresh air.. and most of all free?  Now you might, say it’s too cold or hot.  I would just say suck it up, a little adversity never hurt anyone.  So pretty much, my point is come to the gym and don’t just run- lift, push, pull, drag, throw things. Get the most out of your gym membership.

Lift or go home!

And on a final note…

I love how Martin Rooney has Sofia promote that resistance is good, and it is!

Viva la Resistance! -Martin Rooney

So there it is, just some random thoughts and tidbits from my noggin.  Any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them in the comment box below.

questions, comments, concerns?

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