I ‘Carnerio’ believe it…

The Sports Physio

Yet again I read with dismay, despair and disgust that an experts medical opinion and their emergancy decision making is being second guessed, criticised and now punished by coaching staff in professional football, this time by Chelsea’s José Mourinho against his club doctor Eva Carnerio.

Carnerio is arguably the most well known doctor in professional football, heck probably in all sports. Not just because she works for a high profile club like Chelsea FC, but also because she is a succesful and talented female doctor in a very male dominated profession. And of course because she is extremely good looking and attracts her fair share of the media spot light.

However Carnerio has made the headlines today due to being reportedly banned from the bench for all of Chelsea’s future matches by Mourinho after an incident last weekend.

This ‘incident’ was her simply doing her job, attending to a suspected…

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